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  • Smart Water Cup Built-In UV-C LED System

    Smart Water Cup Built-In UV-C LED System


    On July 30th, the French design brand NOERDEN launched a smart water cup with built-in UV-C LED sterilization system, which can automatically disinfect the water and also have a water reminder function. NOERDEN said that the water cup is called LIZ, and its smart touch-responsive cup cover has built-in UV-C LED, which can eliminate harmful viruses and bacteria up to 99.9%. The user can start the sterilization process by tapping the lid twice, and the UV-C light will sterilize the water in the entire empty cup or cup by decomposing the bacteria and virus DNA. After the process is completed, the LED indicator light is Will stop flashing. Source: NOERDEN

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  • CITYLUX Creates High-End Commercial Lighting

    CITYLUX Creates High-End Commercial Lighting


    With the popularity of LEDs, the luminous efficiency of the whole lamp has generally reached 100lm/W, the cost performance has gradually increased, and the penetration rate has also accelerated. With the improvement of consumption level, the improvement of light quality has become the biggest topic in the market. Color rendering index, color temperature and luminous efficiency do have a trade-off relationship on LEDs, but in addition to color rendering index and color temperature, color consistency, color stability, color drift, etc. are all very important aspects. And these tend to have no particular relationship with luminous efficiency. European and American markets: The improvement of luminous efficiency can simplify the design of lighting products. However, the improvement of color rendering of products is to make the light color of lighting products closer to sunlight, which has achieved the effect of replacing halogen products. Japanese market: The increase in luminous efficiency can make lighting products more energy efficient, which is very important for Japan's high electricity price environment. At the same time, first-line lighting manufacturers are more optimistic about the light environment and energy-saving effect created by smart lighting combined with human environment. CITYLUX As a Chinese lighting solutions provider, we provide you with one-stop services, including lighting design, lighting installation, lighting products and all related accessories and a complete after-sales service. In addition, we will set up a dedicated team to follow up on your orders, saving you valuable time to integrate product resources and match your best lighting solutions. Based on our expertise and sensitivity to the LED industry and the deep penetration and exploration of the LED industry over the years, we can help you reduce the risks involved in upgrading your lighting solutions. Therefore, we believe that the city light will be the best choice for your LED service provider. Customer first, quality first, this is the values of the city's light. Compared to other traditional LED luminaire manufacturers, CITYLUX pays more attention to the differentiation between each customer. We combine our customers' philosophy, design intent and our years of leading LED technology to provide our customers with the right commercial space lighting solutions, and provide better service to our customers as technology advances and product updates. Establish a standardized process to improve store efficiency and reduce store opening costs. I believe we will be your quality partner!

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  • Commercial Lighting LED Products Mimic Natural Light And Highly Restore The Color Of Art

    Commercial Lighting LED Products Mimic Natural Light And Highly Restore The Color Of Art


    According to reports, Nichia has launched the Optisoli series, which accurately mimics natural daylight and does not produce ultraviolet light. This product has been applied to the Kunst museum Pablo Picasso Münster, the Ludwig Museum in Koblenz in Germany, and the Zeppelin Museum in Friedrichshafen, Germany. Zeppelin Museum in Friedrichshafen). It is reported that Nichia's Optisisos LED products can provide natural color rendering, replacing halogen lamps and traditional LED directional lighting devices, visitors can fully appreciate the high fidelity of the surrounding lights. The light source produced by the Optisolis luminaire mimics the full spectrum of visible natural light in the naked eye. The display index (CRI) above 98 at full intensity also provides a red color of R9 over 94, which is not a critical saturated solid color measured by CRI. It is understood that ultraviolet light will reduce the quality of precious art and artifacts, and thanks to Nichia's expertise in the field of blue light and phosphors, Optisolis does not emit ultraviolet light. In addition, Optisolis offers high lumens per watt value, which can significantly save energy. According to the report, museum visitors gave positive feedback on the visual improvement brought by Optisisos LED lamps. Today, the light from the luminaires used in art exhibitions gradually makes the colors and details of the artwork more vivid and influential. Portrait of the Zeppelin Museum (Source: Nichia) Comparison of other lamps (left) and Optisolis products (right)

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  • Gas stations are accelerating the use of LED lights in response to global energy conservation and environmental initiatives

    Gas stations are accelerating the use of LED lights in response to global energy conservation and environmental initiatives


      Gas stations are an important part of urban public services. They are a 24-hour business location that requires more efficient energy-efficient lighting. This not only saves operating costs, but also meets global energy and environmental indicators.     Conventional gas station lights typically use a 250W, 400W metal halide or induction lamp (LVD). Metal halide lamps can emit 360 degrees, and the shortcomings of light loss result in a huge waste of energy. Therefore, in the current environmental changes, the lighting design of the gas station must be required to meet the development needs, and to develop new high-efficiency, energy-saving, long-life, high color rendering index, environmentally friendly LED gas station lights, will have a very good energy saving for urban lighting Significance     As a new type of illumination source with wide application, LED light source has the advantages of energy saving, high efficiency, small size, long life, fast response, low driving voltage and strong shock resistance compared with traditional light sources. With the rapid development of the global economy, people's awareness of environmental protection has increased rapidly, and the safety and environmental protection requirements for gas station lighting have also increased rapidly. In the process of building social construction, the government has also raised environmental issues to a relatively high level, such as optimizing the lighting design of gas stations, increasing the application of explosion-proof systems, and comprehensively improving lighting construction standards for gas stations. Therefore, the lighting of gas stations should be actively developed in a direction of healthier, safer, more environmentally friendly and more energy efficient.     Gas station lighting is closely related to people's lives. LED gas station lights have entered the field of view, LEDs have directional lighting, low power consumption, good drive characteristics, fast response, high shock resistance, long life and environmental protection. It has become the world's new generation of energy-saving light source. Therefore, the gas station adopts the concept of energy saving, emission reduction and green environmental protection, and replaces the traditional gas station lights with energy-saving and environmentally-friendly LED lights, becoming the best energy-saving transformation of gas stations. Choice is also the trend of the times.     Source: CTIMES

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  • The first batch of explosion-proof flexible LED lighting devices in China officially put into use

    The first batch of explosion-proof flexible LED lighting devices in China officially put into use


    On May 25th, the Information R&D Center of Fushun Stone Chemical Construction Company delivered 500 sets of explosion-proof flexible LED lighting devices to the construction unit, marking the official use of the first batch of explosion-proof flexible LED lighting devices in China. The limited space construction lighting of petrochemical plants has achieved intrinsic safety. The device is easy to carry and has a thickness of less than 2 mm. It is like an A4 paper in the hand. It is wireless, shadowless, stroboscopic and can be bent at will. After folding, it can be put into the pocket and can be used when it is unfolded. Even at a low temperature of minus 25 degrees Celsius, it can meet the lighting operation of 10 square meters for more than 7 hours. The device is fireproof and explosion proof. The power supply is a two-cell lithium battery, and each battery has a “protection device”. Once the current is too large and the battery is overheated, the “protection device” is automatically turned on and the battery stops supplying power. National explosion-proof safety regulations, operating in flammable and explosive containers, the lighting voltage is usually less than 12 volts, the maximum voltage of this device is only 7.4 volts, the circuit is intrinsically safe design. Even if the battery is accidental, the "reel" and drive unit made of explosion-proof materials are explosion-proof and flame retardant. The triple protection inside and outside ensures the safety of the lighting device. According to the technology and product search, this equipment is a new safety lighting device in the domestic petrochemical industry, and has applied for national patents. After the trial of the construction site of Dalian West Pacific, the installation not only satisfies the needs of safe operation lighting, but also realizes the actual needs of the site such as portable, easy to install, fireproof, explosion-proof, waterproof, moisture-proof and flicker-free lighting.

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  • 2018 Annual Management Conference CITYLUX

    2018 Annual Management Conference CITYLUX


    In the preparations for the 2018 City Light Annual Management Conference, the theme is “About the 2018 Annual Summary and 2019 Business Strategy Objectives”, let us wait and see! 

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  • 11 lighting tips every retailer should know-Source

    11 lighting tips every retailer should know-Source


    11 lighting tips every retailer should know 1. Layer the light A basic retail lighting design comprises two elements, ambient lighting and accent lighting. How you mix them is key to your store’s individual look, but always make sure the ambient is low enough to allow the accent to punch through to the merchandise. 2. Make the lighting match the brand The lighting design – and the fixtures – should match the brand’s values. As a general rule, customers associate ambient with low cost and accent with upmarket. Some stores – TKMaxx, Boots, Lidl – are ambient only, while some – Abercrombie & Fitch, Hollister, SuperDry – are accent only, to great effect. 3. Nail your colour temperature The colour temperature is key to a store’s look and feel. A cool colour temperature (4000K to 6000K) conveys spaciousness and appeals to a young demographic while warm colour temperatures (2700K to 3000K) convey familiarity and appeal to older, upmarket customers. 4. Light what you want customers to see Sounds obvious, but rarely applied in practice. Theatre lighting designers put the brightest light wherever they want the audience’s attention. This ‘hot spot’ trick works in retail, too. So highlight hero items, new merchandise and special offers. Lighting designers call this ‘the lighting hierarchy’. 5. Don’t take colour rendering at face value Don’t assume a high CRI number will ensure good colour rendering – it may not include strong reds, for instance. For good reds (bread, foodstuffs, fashion) find out the light’s R9 value, and make sure it’s over 80. Ninety is best. For good blues (suits, jeans, fish), check the R12. 6. Work your window A great window display will turn passersby into shoppers, so this is no place for caution and restraint. Bright, bold, high contrast lighting can make a hero of the merchandise. Better still, consider dynamic light that introduces movement and variations in light levels and colour. 7. Change your changing rooms The changing room is most important space in fashion as it’s where the buying decision is made. So why are yours lit with £5 downlights that makes people look awful? Instead, mount warm vertical linear lights with good colour rendering on either side of the mirror. 8. Integrate the lighting Research has shown that customers pick up twice as many items from shelving with integrated lighting, than those with none. These days, with LED tape, integrating is a cinch. Do use a good brand though – Osram’s came out best in our recent tests. 9. Read the warranty Manufacturers’ warranties are usually written to protect them just as much as you. Watch especially for restrictions on burning hours buried in the small print –  most retail lighting will comfortably exceed 5,000 hours annually so a warranty with a 4,000-hour restriction is worthless. 10. Get a professional in If the budget permits, hire a professional lighting consultant, even it’s only for a basic lighting strategy. They’re worth the investm...

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  • The 10 major trends in LED lighting technology, in addition to the Internet of Things and these

    The 10 major trends in LED lighting technology, in addition to the Internet of Things and these


    The 10 major trends in LED lighting technology, in addition to the Internet of Things and these .. Today, the lighting industry is rapidly developing, constantly innovation, who can grasp the development trend, who can grasp the initiative position. Next, let's look at the 10 trends in lighting technology. 1 Connectivity As LEDs become mainstream, the next frontier of lighting is control. You can call it intelligent or networked, but no matter how you call it, the core is the light that you can control. As we konw, dimmers and sensors have been around for years, but the challenge now is to make them more advanced, to communicate with other devices, and to make sure they are usable. Energy saving is just the beginning, networking lighting is also expected to make us more safer ... 2 Internet of things The term "internet of things" is no longer used to describe computers and smartphones connected to the Internet, but also includes refrigerators, coffee cups, heart monitors and LED lights. Lighting is an ideal network to create IoT services because it already exists on the ceiling of each building, looking down at us, just adding some sensors or cameras and some kind of data connection. 3 New power technology So far, LED lamps usually come with a "driver" that converts the power into a form that can be used by the light source. But now new power technologies are emerging that bring a host of benefits. Drives are often the first component of a lighting system to fail, so some companies have started innovating on the drives. 4 Modified lighting According to "Time Magazine" reported that 2013 is the LED lamp year. This seems like a long time ago. At that time, manufacturers began to wonder what would happen once the market for these fixtures was saturated. Then there are two ways: up or down. Either drive the high-end market by increasing the value of the product (internet connection, color change, etc.) or leave the market altogether. Osram, Philips and Samsung both tried the first option and then chose the second option: Osram is selling its general lighting business, Philips is selling its own big stake, and Samsung is completely pulling out the luminaire. 5 Wireless control Now that everything is wireless, lighting control is no exception. This is particularly attractive for retrofit projects. In addition to the RF system, there is technology such as Powerline Communications, which uses power cords to transfer data to your accessories. Even for a traditional wired control system, the user's control device will become more and more wired like a tablet or cell phone. 7 Healthier lighting Light will affect the efficiency of our work, life and so on. The rise of LEDs means that lighting manufacturers are turning this knowledge into practice, getting simpler and cheaper, and producing health-promoting products that mimic natural light, usually by adjusting brightness and color. 8 Brave to change "LED is not suitable for every application ... ...", this ...

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