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bespoke led product
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bespoke led product

hot bespoke led product

  • Best Super LUX magnetic led rigid bar CITYLUX

    Super LUX magnetic led rigid bar

    Nice design structure and profile , Perfect light efficiency , Magnetic back for easy installation .High end shelf lighting

  • Rigid LED Linear Light Bars  CITYLUX

    Spotless Rigid LED Strip CITYLUX

    The rigid LED strip saves energy, saves electricity and has a long life. No light spot illumination inside and outside, custom rigid shelf LED lighting.

  • Custom 24V LED Fresh Light CITYLUX

    High CRI Custom LED Fresh Light CITYLUX

    Bespoke LED Fresh Light has a voltage of 24V, a color temperature of 2700-6500K and a CRI90. Mainly used for display shelves, such as merchandise display, supermarket display, merchandise shelves, container areas, etc.

  • Three Sides Glowing Bespoke LED Illuminated Ticket Strip

    Aluminum Profile LED Strip Light

    Supermarket Lighting Solutions Bespoke LED Illuminated Ticket Strip CITYLUX. The Newest Version Three Sides Glowing Innovative solutions for unprecedented retail shelf applications

  • Seamless Stitching and No dark area Neon Flexible Strip CITYLUX

    Flexible Silicone Neon-Like LED Strip CITYLUX

    Subversion Lighting Industry Neon Flexible Strip CITYLUX Seamless Stitching and No dark area Neon Flexible Strip CITYLUX

  • 24v High CRI Ultra-Thin LED Lighting Box CITYLUX

    Custom Fabric Ultra-Thin LED Light Box CITYLUX

    Light box style and base, simple, generous, stylish, high brightness, tempered glass panel on the surface of the light box, good flatness, not easy to damage the picture. Power 24V, voltage 1A, frame size 605 * 850 * 12 mm. Parameters can be customized at high end.

  • 24v High CRI Rigid LED Strip Light

    Custom Slim Magnetic LED Rigid Bar

    Custom Slim Magnetic LED Rigid Bar

  • New Energy LED 5065 linear Lights CITYLUX

    Indoor Lighting 5065 LED line Light CITYLUX

    New energy LED 5065 line light, soft and soft, no dark areas, anti-glare. Ip65 led linear light certification.

Bespoke LED Panel Light

CITYLUX LED panel is not only focus on illuminating for shelve, but also good at customized shape LED panel light. These panels mostly been used as a backlight or shelf to highlight the products environment, improve the shelves brightness to attract more consumers to buy the products. Looking for LED panel Light Lighting Solutions? CITYLUX supply quality Single Double Sided LED Panel,LED Rigid Bar and will set up a special team to follow up your orders,can match the best Retail Store Lighting Solutions for you.

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