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  • Smart Water Cup Built-In UV-C LED System

    Smart Water Cup Built-In UV-C LED System


    On July 30th, the French design brand NOERDEN launched a smart water cup with built-in UV-C LED sterilization system, which can automatically disinfect the water and also have a water reminder function. NOERDEN said that the water cup is called LIZ, and its smart touch-responsive cup cover has built-in UV-C LED, which can eliminate harmful viruses and bacteria up to 99.9%. The user can start the sterilization process by tapping the lid twice, and the UV-C light will sterilize the water in the entire empty cup or cup by decomposing the bacteria and virus DNA. After the process is completed, the LED indicator light is Will stop flashing. Source: NOERDEN

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  • CITYLUX August Staff Birthday Party - Let Us Bless You!

    CITYLUX August Staff Birthday Party - Let Us Bless You!


    On the afternoon of August 8, an employee birthday party was held in the conference training room. Employees from all departments of the company gathered with birthday staff to celebrate their birthday. At 4:30 pm, birthday stars will gather together. Through their happy smile, we really feel the company's human care. First of all, we held a commendation meeting for outstanding employees. First of all, please ask our excellent small partners to go public, thank them for their efforts on the company, and sincerely commend them, and then issue a certificate of honor, of course, there is also a big red envelope! Birthday cakes are essential for birthdays, and birthday stars come together. Everyone sings birthday songs together to celebrate their birthday. Finally, it is the interactive part of the game. In the interactive session, everyone can participate in small games and talent shows to help hold a birthday party. Hahaha! The last few losers must be cleaned up as punishment... Happy birthday to all birthday stars with good wishes! Work together and share happiness in the big family of CITYLUX. May we run like family, run together and grow together!

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  • Strategic Cooperation Between CITYLUX And QIANDAMA - Creating A Fresh Light Source Market

    Strategic Cooperation Between CITYLUX And QIANDAMA - Creating A Fresh Light Source Market


      Lighting design: Since its cooperation in 2018, CITYLUX has thoroughly researched the brand's original stores, custom lighting solutions and high-end lighting products, and enhanced the brand image and customer sales of the QIANDAMA store. We will help QIANDAMA jointly open 1,500 stores.

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  • CITYLUX Creates High-End Commercial Lighting

    CITYLUX Creates High-End Commercial Lighting


    With the popularity of LEDs, the luminous efficiency of the whole lamp has generally reached 100lm/W, the cost performance has gradually increased, and the penetration rate has also accelerated. With the improvement of consumption level, the improvement of light quality has become the biggest topic in the market. Color rendering index, color temperature and luminous efficiency do have a trade-off relationship on LEDs, but in addition to color rendering index and color temperature, color consistency, color stability, color drift, etc. are all very important aspects. And these tend to have no particular relationship with luminous efficiency. European and American markets: The improvement of luminous efficiency can simplify the design of lighting products. However, the improvement of color rendering of products is to make the light color of lighting products closer to sunlight, which has achieved the effect of replacing halogen products. Japanese market: The increase in luminous efficiency can make lighting products more energy efficient, which is very important for Japan's high electricity price environment. At the same time, first-line lighting manufacturers are more optimistic about the light environment and energy-saving effect created by smart lighting combined with human environment. CITYLUX As a Chinese lighting solutions provider, we provide you with one-stop services, including lighting design, lighting installation, lighting products and all related accessories and a complete after-sales service. In addition, we will set up a dedicated team to follow up on your orders, saving you valuable time to integrate product resources and match your best lighting solutions. Based on our expertise and sensitivity to the LED industry and the deep penetration and exploration of the LED industry over the years, we can help you reduce the risks involved in upgrading your lighting solutions. Therefore, we believe that the city light will be the best choice for your LED service provider. Customer first, quality first, this is the values of the city's light. Compared to other traditional LED luminaire manufacturers, CITYLUX pays more attention to the differentiation between each customer. We combine our customers' philosophy, design intent and our years of leading LED technology to provide our customers with the right commercial space lighting solutions, and provide better service to our customers as technology advances and product updates. Establish a standardized process to improve store efficiency and reduce store opening costs. I believe we will be your quality partner!

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  • Commercial Lighting LED Products Mimic Natural Light And Highly Restore The Color Of Art

    Commercial Lighting LED Products Mimic Natural Light And Highly Restore The Color Of Art


    According to reports, Nichia has launched the Optisoli series, which accurately mimics natural daylight and does not produce ultraviolet light. This product has been applied to the Kunst museum Pablo Picasso Münster, the Ludwig Museum in Koblenz in Germany, and the Zeppelin Museum in Friedrichshafen, Germany. Zeppelin Museum in Friedrichshafen). It is reported that Nichia's Optisisos LED products can provide natural color rendering, replacing halogen lamps and traditional LED directional lighting devices, visitors can fully appreciate the high fidelity of the surrounding lights. The light source produced by the Optisolis luminaire mimics the full spectrum of visible natural light in the naked eye. The display index (CRI) above 98 at full intensity also provides a red color of R9 over 94, which is not a critical saturated solid color measured by CRI. It is understood that ultraviolet light will reduce the quality of precious art and artifacts, and thanks to Nichia's expertise in the field of blue light and phosphors, Optisolis does not emit ultraviolet light. In addition, Optisolis offers high lumens per watt value, which can significantly save energy. According to the report, museum visitors gave positive feedback on the visual improvement brought by Optisisos LED lamps. Today, the light from the luminaires used in art exhibitions gradually makes the colors and details of the artwork more vivid and influential. Portrait of the Zeppelin Museum (Source: Nichia) Comparison of other lamps (left) and Optisolis products (right)

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  • Warmly welcome the Bosum Business School to visit our company for inspection CITYLUX

    Warmly welcome the Bosum Business School to visit our company for inspection CITYLUX


    On July 18th, 21 students from the 451 class Boshang School walked into the city together. CITYLUX is a professional lighting solutions company specializing in professional lighting products and design services for branded chains. Since 2011, the company has served a number of domestic and foreign brand chain companies, and has won high recognition from customers, and determined to become the lighting chain of the first brand chain enterprises! If you or your friends have professional lighting needs, please consult! Citylux,

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  • Gas stations are accelerating the use of LED lights in response to global energy conservation and environmental initiatives

    Gas stations are accelerating the use of LED lights in response to global energy conservation and environmental initiatives


      Gas stations are an important part of urban public services. They are a 24-hour business location that requires more efficient energy-efficient lighting. This not only saves operating costs, but also meets global energy and environmental indicators.     Conventional gas station lights typically use a 250W, 400W metal halide or induction lamp (LVD). Metal halide lamps can emit 360 degrees, and the shortcomings of light loss result in a huge waste of energy. Therefore, in the current environmental changes, the lighting design of the gas station must be required to meet the development needs, and to develop new high-efficiency, energy-saving, long-life, high color rendering index, environmentally friendly LED gas station lights, will have a very good energy saving for urban lighting Significance     As a new type of illumination source with wide application, LED light source has the advantages of energy saving, high efficiency, small size, long life, fast response, low driving voltage and strong shock resistance compared with traditional light sources. With the rapid development of the global economy, people's awareness of environmental protection has increased rapidly, and the safety and environmental protection requirements for gas station lighting have also increased rapidly. In the process of building social construction, the government has also raised environmental issues to a relatively high level, such as optimizing the lighting design of gas stations, increasing the application of explosion-proof systems, and comprehensively improving lighting construction standards for gas stations. Therefore, the lighting of gas stations should be actively developed in a direction of healthier, safer, more environmentally friendly and more energy efficient.     Gas station lighting is closely related to people's lives. LED gas station lights have entered the field of view, LEDs have directional lighting, low power consumption, good drive characteristics, fast response, high shock resistance, long life and environmental protection. It has become the world's new generation of energy-saving light source. Therefore, the gas station adopts the concept of energy saving, emission reduction and green environmental protection, and replaces the traditional gas station lights with energy-saving and environmentally-friendly LED lights, becoming the best energy-saving transformation of gas stations. Choice is also the trend of the times.     Source: CTIMES

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  • July employee collective birthday party CITYLUX

    July employee collective birthday party CITYLUX


    In order to thank the employees for their hard work, enrich the spiritual and cultural life of the employees, enhance the sense of belonging and collective honor of the employees, and further enhance the corporate culture. The company decided to hold an employee birthday celebration to let employees spend an unforgettable moment.     At 4:30 pm on July 5, the birthday party kicked off. First of all, we held a commendation meeting for outstanding employees. The host first invited our excellent sales staff to come up, and sincerely thank them, and then issued a certificate of honor, everyone applauded! When the familiar and beautiful melody of "Happy birthday to you..." sounded, the whole scene was extinguished, and the birthday partner lit the birthday cake. Everyone sang a birthday song, and Shouxing closed his eyes and wished a happy birthday. Shouxing friends cut the birthday cake together, happy and warm. This is the game time, this time is the guess game. Everyone is happy in the game and enjoys together. The company's development is inseparable from the dedication and hard work of every employee. I hope that all employees of the company can have fun and happiness in our big family every day!

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