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  • March Employee Collective Birthday Party CITYLUX

    March Employee Collective Birthday Party CITYLUX


    To carry forward the company culture and make employees feel the warmth of CITYLUX family, we held birthday party and Outstanding Employees Awards Ceremony on March 15th. It gives affirmation and gratitude to our long-term efforts and expresses the company's care for staff , At the party, everyone was happy for colleagues gathered together. At 4:30 pm, the birthday party started. We held a Awards Ceremony for outstanding employees. The host first asked our excellent staff to the stage, and show our sincerely thankfulness. Then,  a certificate of honor was issued. Everyone applauded! When the familiar and beautiful melody of "Happy birthday to you..." sounded, the whole scene was extinguished. And the candles on birthday cake were lighted up. Everyone sang a birthday song, and the birthday star closed his eyes and wished a happy birthday. Shouxing friends cut the birthday cake together, happy and warm. The main event is coming, this is game time! It is an undercover game. Please see the image below for rules. The werewolf murder game began, people were ‘killed’ by mistake. We were eating melon seeds under the stage. Hahaha! It seems that undercover pretending is very good. Come on, everyone should find undercover... At this moment, we understand! All our blessings and greetings have already been injected into the heart of CITYLUX. The sincere friendship will flow like a mountain in the CITULUX family, so that the sweet smile will bloom forever.

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  • Japan Mt. Fuji Tourism Tour CITYLUX

    Japan Mt. Fuji Tourism Tour CITYLUX


    Mount Fuji is known as the "Holy Land" in Japan and is a symbol of the Japanese nation. As one of Japan's national symbols, it has a worldwide reputation. So the next stop for CITYLUX is it, now we will go to the destination. Mount Fuji is the first peak in Japan and an active volcano. It has been written 18 times since it was written in 781. The last eruption occurred in 1707 and has been dormant since then. We boarded the cultural park opposite Mount Fuji and felt the majestic beauty. The two craters at the top form two beautiful volcanic lakes, and the volcanic eruption leaves many caves. The walls of the mountain caves are filled with stalactite-shaped icicles, known as the "Wannian Snow Mountain." There are Fuji Five Lakes in the north, Shanzhong Lake in the west, Kawaguchi Lake, West Lake, Beijing-Tianjin Lake and Benxi Lake. The lakes and mountains are very pleasant. There is a group of elegant swan in the lake, forming a swan lake in the background of Mount Fuji. Mount Fuji is not only a natural landscape, but also a variety of leisure activities. Suitable for summer camping, swimming and fishing, it is a great place for winter ski skating. At this time, going to Mount Fuji is also a good choice.

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  • Adhere to scientific and technological innovation, green environmental protection and sustainable development CITYLUX

    Adhere to scientific and technological innovation, green environmental protection and sustainable development CITYLUX


    March 12, 2019 is the China Tree Planting Festival. China has passed legislation to encourage people to love forests and afforestation, promote land greening, and protect the ecological environment on which humans depend. This year is the 40th anniversary of its establishment. CITYLUX is actively responding to national policies, and the office area is planted with a variety of green plants that are full of vitality and present a beautiful landscape. Our products are energy-saving and environmentally friendly, as well as quality first. CITYLUX is committed to developing new products with advanced technology and extensive experience in commercial lighting and special application lighting. . To provide customers with the best lighting solutions, through scientific design of lamps, light sources and electrical appliances, improve light efficiency, reduce energy consumption, extend service life, comprehensive energy saving, support for environmental protection. CITYLUX is an advocate of green lighting, and we work with our customers to promote green and energy-efficient architectural lighting. Committed to promoting safety and energy conservation: artificial lighting, beautifying commercial living environment, environmentally friendly and energy-saving lighting, protecting human health and living environment. Therefore, CITYLUX continues to promote the development and application of advanced lighting technology and implement our beliefs and commitments. CITYLUX has an excellent sales and after-sales service team, and the entire team is ready to provide the best service to customers!

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  • Warmly welcome the Guangzhou Industrial and Information Technology Committee and district leaders to visit CITYLUX

    Warmly welcome the Guangzhou Industrial and Information Technology Committee and district leaders to visit CITYLUX


    On the afternoon of February 20, 2019, more than 10 leaders from the Industrial Park of the Industrial and Information Technology Commission of Guangzhou Municipality visited the CITYLUX to visit and guide the work. Deputy Director Zhao Xingliang visited the CITYLUX office and gave the height Evaluation. 

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  • Happy gatherings - the birthday of employees in January and February 2019 was successfully held

    Happy gatherings - the birthday of employees in January and February 2019 was successfully held


    On the evening of February 15, 2019, CITYLUX opened a dinner, and the employees' birthdays in January and February were successfully held in Guangzhou Luoxi "Yu Xin Hakka King". All employees of CITYLUX attended the banquet. I wish you all a Happy New Year. Around 6:30 pm, everyone came to the "Yu Xin Hakka King" restaurant. Cheerful music, warm cloth fields and exquisite fruit snacks are ready for everyone. Everyone is very happy to sit down and talk. The cake car was slowly pushed to the center of the crowd with the cheerful "Happy Birthday" song. Today's protagonists cut the birthday cake for everyone, and the birthday party officially kicked off. At the whole event, everyone had a good time and had fun. They all praised the company's corporate culture activities! The continuous innovation staff birthday party activities reflects the company's concern and concern for the employees, I believe this will become the driving force for all employees, let us create new achievements in the new year, 2019 come on!

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  • On the seventh day of the first month, we start working!

    On the seventh day of the first month, we start working!


    We wish CITYLUX business flourishes! Money and treasures will be plentiful! May all your wishes come true!

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  • 2018 company meeting was a complete success CITYLUX

    2018 company meeting was a complete success CITYLUX


    In 2018, CITYLUX the annual meeting was held on January 19th at the Wansheng Mingjia Hotel in Guangzhou. Leaders and guests attending the conference included: CITYLUX partners and family and friends. The annual meeting was first greeted by Chairman Cheng, and Mr. Cheng thanked our partners on behalf of the CITYLUX, and every family member tonight was able to visit the CITYLUX New Year Party in a busy schedule. Mr. Cheng also expressed his special thanks to the family members of CITYLUX, because employees have reduced the time spent on family care at work, and they silently supported us behind the scenes. Thanks also to the partners for their recognition of theCITYLUX. We are full of pride, and we have a dream tonight. Lisa, the general manager of CITYLUX, came to the stage to make a toast. The city light is booming in 2019 and getting better and better. On this beautiful day, we want to dance, happy, we will open the door in the new year. This is the “open door” brought by our CITYLUX partners. The dance kicked off the prelude of this conference. The wonderful performance won the applause from the audience, and the opening of the door with passion and enthusiasm also means that we will be well-off in the coming year. Enthusiastic dance always makes us passionate, and beautiful melodies can make us excited. After dancing, the next song is definitely a performance. Please ask the domestic business department to bring a song performance to everyone below. I feel the concert in an instant. Thanks to the domestic business department for bringing wonderful songs. We listened to the songs, and the dances also watched. What else? That is of course a lottery. We are most concerned about the grand prize, and I asked General Manager Lisa to give us the super lucky one tonight. Old rules, want to scream on the prize, shout, sound up..... It turned out that it is the lady of our foreign trade department, congratulations! The following performances include sketches, cross talks, and more. The excellent and beautiful program makes the audience laugh in front of the audience. The CITYLUX partners are versatile and thank you for their wonderful performances. The gathering is always short-lived, but each gathering is just the beginning of the light of our CITYLUX. Each of us has a dream and a responsibility. We are united, work together, go hand in hand, and move forward. In 2019, we work together!

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  • Noon gymnastics exercise CITYLUX

    Noon gymnastics exercise CITYLUX


    CITYLUX is a lighting solutions provider focusing on retail and display, with an average age of staff at 26 years old. The employees are a group of positive and optimistic young people, everyone is full of energy and passion! To alternating work with rest, and for the sake of employees' physical and mental health, the company organizes all the staff to participate in group activities in the office every day from 13:30-13:40 am , By doing afternoon exercises. With the rhythmic beat of the music , all the staff become active with the music beat. Both the body and mind were relaxed while dancing. All the employees actively participated in the collective activities organized by the company, forming a united and harmonious cultural atmosphere. Through the midday exercise, everyone has lived up to the bones and spirits. And with full enthusiasm, more positive and dedicated spirit devoting themselves to the work, which has greatly improved the work efficiency.

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