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  • November employee collective birthday party CITYLUX

    November employee collective birthday party CITYLUX


    On December 5th, the company held a "birthday party" in the training room. Three Shouxing employees and colleagues from various departments attended the gathering. The whole birthday party is lively and warm, and the content is rich and colorful, bringing laughter and surprise to everyone. At 4:30 pm, the host sent a warm greeting at the beginning of the birthday party. We held a commendation meeting for outstanding employees. The moderator first asked our outstanding small partners to go public. Then, General Manager Lisa told us about their dedication to the company's efforts, and sincerely thank them, and then issued a certificate of honor, of course, there is a big red envelope!、 When "Happy birthday to you..." The cheerful and beautiful melody sounded, the whole scene sounded, and the birthday stars friends lit up the birthday cake. Everyone sang a birthday song and said a birthday greeting. The birthday stars cut the birthday cake together, and the atmosphere was once again pushed to a climax. Finally, the game time is coming, our hosts XinXin and XiaoYu will hold two fun little games tonight. In the beginning, we are unlikely to participate in the competition. Later, the children took the spirit of teammates to the extreme and we realized the game experience.The last few losers will eat lemon as a punishment... The birthday party will let the small partners feel the warmth of the extended family and the love of the colleagues, enhance the sense of belonging, and increase the feelings and collective cohesion between colleagues. In the future, we will hold similar events every month to let our friends grow up happily in the big family.

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  • In November, the City Lights All Sports Day ended successfully.

    In November, the City Lights All Sports Day ended successfully.


      In this cool autumn season, the city lights organized the full-sports day event in November. I heard that the employees of the company are playing very special, what sparks have everyone wiped out? Follow me to see it~   After nearly two hours of use by our friends, we finally arrived at the venue. There are independent activities such as autonomous barbecue, badminton, table tennis, billiards, KTV, etc., everyone gather together, guess numbers, guess puzzles, play games, play Have a good time~   The company has prepared a variety of barbecue ingredients, mineral water, beverages and other foods for employees. After that, our beautiful, kind, elegant, quiet, refined, pure, cheerful, lively, straightforward, cute, innocent, dignified, gentle, virtuous, and so on, began to wash vegetables, cut vegetables, and us. The all-round male Keke fires and stirs the dishes, all of them are very powerful.   Let's not say it, let's move.   After eating and drinking, we took the banner and came to Group photo~    In November, the full-time sports day event, everyone gathered together to play happily, both relaxed their mood and enhanced the friendship between colleagues.   This time, the City Light staff activities have ended so successfully, and we look forward to our next gathering~~

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  • 2018 Hong Kong International Autumn Lighting Fair

    2018 Hong Kong International Autumn Lighting Fair


    City Light New Products Debut at Hong Kong International Autumn Lighting Fair From October 27 to 30, 2018, the 20th International Autumn Lighting Fair hosted by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council was held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. As a professional lighting solution service provider, City Light exhibited the theme of innovative lighting at the exhibition. The high-convenience and unique design of the spotless magnet bar and the three-sided price tag made its debut. Our products have been favored by many customers and won wide acclaim, making this exhibition a complete success. Since its establishment in 2005, City Light has sold sales and service outlets all over the world. LED lighting, LED magnet light strip products and LED line lights have been well received by customers at home and abroad. This time, we will receive new customers, meet old customers, showcase new products as exhibiting purposes, make full use of this opportunity to conduct in-depth exchanges with customers on products and projects, and deepen our understanding of competing products, so as to learn from each other and make use of their own advantages.

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  • CITYLUX‘s relocation ceremony was successfully held

    CITYLUX‘s relocation ceremony was successfully held


    Looking forward to a new start CITYLUX‘s relocation ceremony was successfully held On May 28, 2017, CITYLUX’relocation ceremony was held in the panyu district, guangzhou city. The chairman of CITYLUX cheng yan, manager Lisa and sales director Marisa and Candy, together with all the staff welcome the new starting point. The celebration was full of excitement .Many leaders visited the site of the opening ceremony which was paid high attention by all outstanding entrepreneurs and chamber of commerce. The guests gathered together while the lion dance performance kicked off the celebration following the guests’ applause. Chairman cheng yan and manager Lisa revealed the card for company, which stand for a new start of CITYLUX. On the one hand, the CITYLUX have a more perfect organizational structure, combined with the more mature technical support so that we could more actively embrace the Internet, capitalization and internationalization. That’s make our further development. On the another hand, It is hoped that the products and services of CITYLUX will be brought to the international consumers who will experience the high quality lighting solutions of CITYLUX. Cheng Yan said that the past achievements are obvious to all and he hope to continue to improve the product quality and service to make the city lights the brand bigger and stronger. The driving force of the company is the trust from our customers and partners as well as and the tireless efforts of all staff, that is the most valuable asset. Looking forward to a new start!

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  • CITYLUX’s promotional activities

    CITYLUX’s promotional activities


    “Passion accomplishes dreams And Team makes it brilliant” - CITYLUX’s promotional activities In order to motivate employees' working enthusiasm as well as set up the positive communication between staff and enhance the sense of responsibility and belonging. All the employees and leaders of the company participated the promotional activities which named with “Passion accomplishes dreams And Team makes it brilliant” on June 3 to 4. All staff were ready to go to the training place at 8:30 a.m. This kind of training is a process which shapes the team vitality and promotes the growth of the organization. Everybody were full engagement in the activities and overcame the difficulties. We accomplished every project and share the joy of success. Furthermore, the progress enhanced the team cohesion and developed a positive attitude and high sense of responsibility. So finally we realized the team's strength and wisdom and the importance of cooperation. All staff encouraged each other and worked together in the promotional training so that the atmosphere was so harmonious.Both of us considered that we have learned a lot through this experience after the activities. Meanwhile, it could be sure that this activity will have a positive impact on our future life and work and will also enable us to devote more energy to the future work.

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  • Guangzhou Dafu Mountain environmental riding

    Guangzhou Dafu Mountain environmental riding


    Let environmental into our life, make us go far away Guangzhou Dafu Mountain environmental riding      In order to promote and mobilize our staff to practice the "Green, healthy, low carbon, environmental protection" life concept consciously, CITYLUX develop a staff activities of the garden riding. During this time, we're enjoy the rare holiday with leisure, relax and comfortable.     Guangzhou in February, the weather is still hot. On the 10th December, Everyone embarked on a journey with the excitement mood! Along the way, everyone enjoyed with laugher and happiness. Everyone freely riding around the bike trail which is surrounded by green trees, it make us quietness and forget the busy city. We can enjoy the "slowly" riding carefreely, while enjoy the beautiful mountain scenery and to easy to find the beauty of the earth.    CITYLUX very seriously about this activity, we make a careful arrangement for the whole activity in advance, and and send the related personnel manager it. All of us being together with the landscape without the busy life, full of warmth and harmonious. Not only enjoy pleasure, but also feel the CITYLUX warmth family, at the same time we also established the decision and confidence in order to the develop our team and contribution our wisdom and strength    During this activity, not only relieve our working pressure and tension employees at ordinary times ,but also edify sentiment and improve our training. At the same time, we will also continue to practice the concept of green development, performance of the environmental responsibility build up a green CITYLUX.

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  • Display technology and innovation,Cityluxed showing a new appearance on Hongkong International Lighting Fair(Autumn Edition)

    Display technology and innovation,Cityluxed showing a new appearance on Hongkong International Lighting Fair(Autumn Edition)


    Display technology and innovation, Cityluxed showing a new appearance on Hongkong International Lighting Fair (Autumn Edition) Sponsored by the Hong Kong trade development council of Hongkong International Lighting Fair (Autumn Edition) held in Hong Kong convention and exhibition center on October 27-30, 2016 . The exhibition mainly displaying the latest cutting-edge lighting technology and lighting design trends. from 38 countries and regions of about 2660 companies will meet in the exhibition. exhibitors reach the largest number ever before. At that time. CITYLUX and LED commercial lighting new products will be unveiled. presenting the technological achievements of innovation and reform of LED commercial lighting solutions. CITYLUX is a world-class lighting solutions service provider. which attracts a large number of excellent engineers. On the one hand. we constantly launch new products that lead the market. and on the other hand. we are always ready to provide customized products to customers. Lisa, the manager of the CITYLUX, said that the lighting exhibition provides a place for the company to effectively promote their brand. which is a good opportunity to introduce products and contact buyers. She is looking forward to see more new buyers from countries along the European and American and "One Belt And One Road" countries during the fair. Our company exhibited many kinds of Rigid led strip, Flexible led strip, Led panel light and Customize led light products which are highly anticipated. Many buyers are interested in their technology and are inquiring at the scene. the highest sales are the star products magnet lamp bars.

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