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Lighting Solution Case
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  • LEGO Worldwide Brand Store Lighting Solution Case

    LEGO Worldwide Brand Store Lighting Solution Case

    LEGO Worldwide Brand Store Project LEGO POP DISPLAY SOLUTION 5 Years ago, the most famous toys brand---- LEGO was looking for a lighting solution to improve the brand store image and achieve a better consuming experience. At the right time, CITYLUX work together with LEGO display suppliers implement the designing idea, this is a very successful project running from 2012 until now. As a worldwide project, LEGO Toys become more and more popular and famous, during the past 5 years, we are very proud that we never got any failure rate feedback of our lighting. ONE- STOP  LIGHTING  SOLUTION We can give you the whole project solution including lighting, mains lead, PSU Kit etc. We save your trouble and time to source from different suppliers and ensure the whole project quality, at the same time this way low down your project risk to minimum. The one-stop way can also support your company with a favorable payment term, and avoid the MOQ issue for some spare parts. Project Solution Sharing: LED LIGHTING SOURCE Mainly use DC12V, 4.8W/M,3528-60leds/m flexible strip, UL approval, Curved PCB specially designed according to the bend shape of ABS Board. LED POWER SUPPLY 72W (12V,6A) LED adapter, it has DC splitter cable, which can support 1 power supply to power more lights, now this solution can support more like 1 to 2 ---1 to 8. AC MAINS LEAD SOLUTION Using the daisy chain connection way, achieve 1 AC cable coming double connectors and matched with different country plug AC mains lead. This solution support LEGO Project can go to any country, like USA, Europe countries, Australia, Southeast Asia etc.

  • Oral B Electronic Consumer Shop Lighting Solution Case

    Oral B Electronic Consumer Shop Lighting Solution Case

    Oral B Electronic Consumer Shop Project Bespoke Ultra-Thin Lighting Box With the further promotion of the light box and the increasing competition of the market, the process of forming the light box has been continuously improved with the new materials, the performance of lighting box become more and more abundant. Compare with the traditional light box, CITYLUX use the best light source, energy savings of up to 80% or more. We used environmental protection material to comply with  the government called for the materials . It is only a quarter of the thickness of the traditional light box, not only economic but also convenient installation. Design and use the advance light source to make sure the light box’s luminance uniformity and no dark area.

  • LANCOME Cosmetics Shop Beauty Shop Lighting Solutions Case

    LANCOME Cosmetics Shop Beauty Shop Lighting Solutions Case

    LANCOME LED PANEL PROJECT BACK LIGHT PANEL & SHELVES PANEL CITYLUX LED panel is not only focus on illuminating for shelve, but also good at customized shape LED panel light. These panels mostly been used as a backlight or shelf to highlight the products environment, improve the shelves brightness to attract more consumers to buy the products. PROJECT INTRODUCTION In order to match LANCOME high and strict standard, we make sure each batch of panel keep same bin and same color temperature. Thus it can ensure all their stores with same illuminating effect. That means we must use the same bin LED strips to ensure the led color temperature in same range, we can do well with this, because we have more than 10 years LED pack experience. In past few years cooperation, we supply single side and double sides panels which is assembled together with the display metal fixtures to LANCOME. Helping brands improve shop performance and bring a perfect impression to consumers. ONE- STOP  LIGHTING  SOLUTION CITYLUX has supplied LED Panel and electrical parts to LANCOME project, including LED Panel, LED strips, Connection cables, PSU Parts.

  • Illuminated Ticket Strips Supermarket Lighting Solution Case

    Illuminated Ticket Strips Supermarket Lighting Solution Case

    CUSTOMIZED ILLUMINATED TICKET STRIPS CITYLUX has used this shelf light solution in many brand stores. CITYLUX® ILLUMINATED TICKET STRIPS is a very high efficient lighting solution for high end retail and display clients, it is not only illuminating the next level shelf products, but also can illuminate the shelf price label. The designing is very special composed by 4 parts in different materials, including Aluminum profile, PC extrusion, LGP, LED strips and fixing parts. The structure is very complicated comparing traditional rigid bars, but the illuminating effect is perfect. Customized Product Characteristics Ideal Choice CITYLUX® ILLUMINATED TICKET STRIPS are ideal for Shelves display applications, it can highlight the price promotion information to attract the shopping customers and pay close attention to the shelf products, then improve the sales volume. Professional Design CITYLUX® ILLUMINATED TICKET STRIPS connect a variety of customized length experience with stunning shelves display effect. Offering an affordable solution for professional settings which using in customer viewing area, such as shopping mall, toy store etc. Interactive Experience CITYLUX® ILLUMINATED TICKET STRIPS incorporate interactive designed (Brightness Uniformity technology) to engage customers buy the product, this ticket strip using the brand LED chip and acrylic materials to make sure the product with long lifetime and extended product replacement cycle.

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