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Illuminated Ticket Strips Supermarket Lighting Solution Case

Illuminated Ticket Strips Supermarket Lighting Solution Case



CITYLUX has used this shelf light solution in many brand stores. CITYLUX® ILLUMINATED TICKET STRIPS is a very high efficient lighting solution for high end retail and display clients, it is not only illuminating the next level shelf products, but also can illuminate the shelf price label. The designing is very special composed by 4 parts in different materials, including Aluminum profile, PC extrusion, LGP, LED strips and fixing parts. The structure is very complicated comparing traditional rigid bars, but the illuminating effect is perfect.

Customized Product Characteristics

Ideal Choice

CITYLUX® ILLUMINATED TICKET STRIPS are ideal for Shelves display applications, it can highlight the price promotion information to attract the shopping customers and pay close attention to the shelf products, then improve the sales volume.

Professional Design
CITYLUX® ILLUMINATED TICKET STRIPS connect a variety of customized length experience with stunning shelves display effect. Offering an affordable solution for professional settings which using in customer viewing area, such as shopping mall, toy store etc.

Interactive Experience
CITYLUX® ILLUMINATED TICKET STRIPS incorporate interactive designed (Brightness Uniformity technology) to engage customers buy the product, this ticket strip using the brand LED chip and acrylic materials to make sure the product with long lifetime and extended product replacement cycle.

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