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Company Profile

Company Profile

CITYLUX TECHNOLOGY CORP. LTD. The Unique China LED Lighting Solution Supplier Focusing on Retail and Display Lighting Comparing with the other traditional OEM manufacture, CITYLUX will more focus on the desing concepts.We will combine the consumer experience, design intent and our few years professional LED technology, to match the perfect LED lighting solution to our customer. CITYLUX can make your LED design more and more truly and valuable. As a lighting solution supplier, we supply you one stop package service including Lighting, electric parts , Connecting Cables, Fixing Connectors, Conversion plug, Installation spare parts,PSU (Power supply) kit and so on. We will set up a special team to follow up your orders,can save your time to integrate the product resources and match the best LED solution for you. Rely on our professional knowledge and sensitivity to the LED industry,we can help you to reduce more risk among the whole purchase process. In short,CITYLUX is the best choice for your LED supplier. In the past years,  CITYLUX mainly focus on the retail and display industry , We grow together with your brand or your clients brand, Like LEGO, ADIDAS, HASBRO, LANCOME, BOOTS, SIEMENS etc. They all give us very good reputation comments and keep the cooperation until now. In future , We still focus on the Retail and Display area. We work together using our lighting to make your brands more valuable.

Our Partner

In the past years,  CITYLUX mainly focus on the retail and display industry , We grow together with your brand or your clients brand, Like LEGO, ADIDAS, HASBRO, LANCOME, BOOTS, SIEMENS etc. They all give us very good reputation comments and keep the cooperation until now. In future , We still focus on the Retail and Display area. We work together using our lighting to make your brands more valuable.

LED Lighting
LED Lighting
  • 2019-01-21

    Noon gymnastics exercise CITYLUX

    CITYLUX is a lighting solutions provider focusing on retail and display, with an average age of staff at 26 years old. The employees are a group of positive and optimistic young people, everyone is full of energy and passion! To alternating work with rest, and for the sake of employees' physical and mental health, the company organizes all the staff to participate in group activities in the office every day from 13:30-13:40 am , By doing afternoon exercises. With the rhythmic beat of the music , all the staff become active with the music beat. Both the body and mind were relaxed while dancing. All the employees actively participated in the collective activities organized by the company, forming a united and harmonious cultural atmosphere. Through the midday exercise, everyone has lived up to the bones and spirits. And with full enthusiasm, more positive and dedicated spirit devoting themselves to the work, which has greatly improved the work efficiency.

  • 2018-12-29

    Lai Hongman, deputy director of the United Front Work Department of Haizhu District, Guangzhou, led a delegation to visit and inspect CITYLUX.

    On the afternoon of December 20th, Lai Hongman, the deputy director of the United Front Work Department of Guangzhou Haizhu District, led a delegation to visit the Guangzhou CITYLUX Industrial Park. Cheng Yan, the chairman of CITYLUX, and Lisa, the general manager of the CITYLUX, warmly received and accompanied the tour. Chairman of the CITYLUX, Cheng Hao and General Manager Lisa accompanied President Lai Hongman and other leaders Company front desk Afterwards, a group of leaders visited our exhibition hall and conducted a detailed on-site inspection of the products displayed in the exhibition hall, reflecting the leadership's quality control and highly appraising the products of our company. Leaders check our products Comfortable office environment At the meeting, Lisa, the general manager of CITYLUX, broadcasted the CITYLUX Enterprise Promotional Film to the leaders of the Federation of Industry and Commerce of the Haizhu District United Front Department. Lisa, general manager of CITYLUX, introduced the company's development history, corporate culture, future planning, etc., and shared the case sharing of some of our key customers in detail. CITYLUX has always been committed to serving well-known domestic and international chain brands. Serving LEGO, Hasbro, LANCOME, BOOTS, M&S, COACH and other internationally renowned customers. Since 2016, the company has deepened its domestic market and has established long-term strategies with domestic brand customers such as Qian Aunt, Shuanghui, Baiguoyuan and Lejia Fresh. Cooperation, leaders have given a strong recognition of the clear positioning of the CITYLUX and a high sense of service. I hope that the future of the CITYLUX can continue to serve the positioning of brand customers, providing more scientific and valuable retail environment at home and abroad. Lighting scheme. Lisa, general manager of CITYLUX The leader of the Federation of Industry and Commerce of the United Front Department of Haizhu District took a group photo with the leaders of our company. The leader of the Federation of Industry and Commerce of the United Front Department of Haizhu District took a group photo with the leaders of our company.

  • 2018-12-28

    2018 CITYLUX "Funny Christmas, City Jubilant" Event

    On the occasion of Christmas festival, CITYLUX held a Christmas event to enrich the staff's spare time and made them feel the strong Christmas atmosphere and the company's cultural atmosphere. At noon of December 24th, our reception is packing the gifts with other handsomne guys. What a special Christmas! You must be eager to receive a beautiful gift soon! Don't worry. To come and see with me. At 4:30 pm, our event started. I couldn’t wait to try them first when I saw all the delicious food on the table. Later, our Santa Claus appeared! Huh? Shouldn’t Santa Claus drive a sled? Uh... maybe there is the license plate limit in Guangzhou today! Haha... That's right! What the Santa Claus drove is a trolley! One of our oversea sales dressed in Santa Claus. The box there is filled with Christmas Apple and gifts, symbolizing happiness and peace. Santa Claus came here CITYLUX family in this city to diliver joyness! Everyone received the fruits of Christmas, which means happiness and peace. The next part is the exciting time of playing games. Those who failed would be punished. Everyone wants to be the winner! At the event, we tasted delicious food and immersed in the cheerful and enjoyable games as well. The Christmas atmosphere becomes more intense after that. Those who lost the games must use be punished by using lipstick to paint on their face. Of course, the protagonist of today - Santa Claus was included. Thank you Santa for paying so much for us and delivering us a lot of fun. Finally, we focused on openning gifts. Everyone received a beautiful gift. This is also the sincere blessing of friends. Here we also wish everyone a Merry Christmas~!

  • 2019-01-21

    2018 Annual Management Conference CITYLUX

    In the preparations for the 2018 City Light Annual Management Conference, the theme is “About the 2018 Annual Summary and 2019 Business Strategy Objectives”, let us wait and see! 

  • 2019-01-21

    November employee collective birthday party CITYLUX

    On December 5th, the company held a "birthday party" in the training room. Three Shouxing employees and colleagues from various departments attended the gathering. The whole birthday party is lively and warm, and the content is rich and colorful, bringing laughter and surprise to everyone. At 4:30 pm, the host sent a warm greeting at the beginning of the birthday party. We held a commendation meeting for outstanding employees. The moderator first asked our outstanding small partners to go public. Then, General Manager Lisa told us about their dedication to the company's efforts, and sincerely thank them, and then issued a certificate of honor, of course, there is a big red envelope!、 When "Happy birthday to you..." The cheerful and beautiful melody sounded, the whole scene sounded, and the birthday stars friends lit up the birthday cake. Everyone sang a birthday song and said a birthday greeting. The birthday stars cut the birthday cake together, and the atmosphere was once again pushed to a climax. Finally, the game time is coming, our hosts XinXin and XiaoYu will hold two fun little games tonight. In the beginning, we are unlikely to participate in the competition. Later, the children took the spirit of teammates to the extreme and we realized the game experience.The last few losers will eat lemon as a punishment... The birthday party will let the small partners feel the warmth of the extended family and the love of the colleagues, enhance the sense of belonging, and increase the feelings and collective cohesion between colleagues. In the future, we will hold similar events every month to let our friends grow up happily in the big family.

  • 2019-01-21

    In November, the City Lights All Sports Day ended successfully.

    In this cool autumn season, the city lights organized the full-sports day event in November. I heard that the employees of the company are playing very special, what sparks have everyone wiped out? Follow me to see it~ After nearly two hours of use by our friends, we finally arrived at the venue. There are independent activities such as autonomous barbecue, badminton, table tennis, billiards, KTV, etc., everyone gather together, guess numbers, guess puzzles, play games, play Have a good time~ The company has prepared a variety of barbecue ingredients, mineral water, beverages and other foods for employees. After that, our beautiful, kind, elegant, quiet, refined, pure, cheerful, lively, straightforward, cute, innocent, dignified, gentle, virtuous, and so on, began to wash vegetables, cut vegetables, and us. The all-round male Keke fires and stirs the dishes, all of them are very powerful. Let's not say it, let's move. After eating and drinking, we took the banner and came to Group photo~ In November, the full-time sports day event, everyone gathered together to play happily, both relaxed their mood and enhanced the friendship between colleagues. This time, the City Light staff activities have ended so successfully, and we look forward to our next gathering~~

  • 2018-11-15

    2018 Hong Kong International Autumn Lighting Fair

    City Light New Products Debut at Hong Kong International Autumn Lighting Fair From October 27 to 30, 2018, the 20th International Autumn Lighting Fair hosted by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council was held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. As a professional lighting solution service provider, City Light exhibited the theme of innovative lighting at the exhibition. The high-convenience and unique design of the spotless magnet bar and the three-sided price tag made its debut. Our products have been favored by many customers and won wide acclaim, making this exhibition a complete success. Since its establishment in 2005, City Light has sold sales and service outlets all over the world. LED lighting, LED magnet light strip products and LED line lights have been well received by customers at home and abroad. This time, we will receive new customers, meet old customers, showcase new products as exhibiting purposes, make full use of this opportunity to conduct in-depth exchanges with customers on products and projects, and deepen our understanding of competing products, so as to learn from each other and make use of their own advantages.

  • 2018-11-01

    11 lighting tips every retailer should know-Source

    11 lighting tips every retailer should know 1. Layer the light A basic retail lighting design comprises two elements, ambient lighting and accent lighting. How you mix them is key to your store’s individual look, but always make sure the ambient is low enough to allow the accent to punch through to the merchandise. 2. Make the lighting match the brand The lighting design – and the fixtures – should match the brand’s values. As a general rule, customers associate ambient with low cost and accent with upmarket. Some stores – TKMaxx, Boots, Lidl – are ambient only, while some – Abercrombie & Fitch, Hollister, SuperDry – are accent only, to great effect. 3. Nail your colour temperature The colour temperature is key to a store’s look and feel. A cool colour temperature (4000K to 6000K) conveys spaciousness and appeals to a young demographic while warm colour temperatures (2700K to 3000K) convey familiarity and appeal to older, upmarket customers. 4. Light what you want customers to see Sounds obvious, but rarely applied in practice. Theatre lighting designers put the brightest light wherever they want the audience’s attention. This ‘hot spot’ trick works in retail, too. So highlight hero items, new merchandise and special offers. Lighting designers call this ‘the lighting hierarchy’. 5. Don’t take colour rendering at face value Don’t assume a high CRI number will ensure good colour rendering – it may not include strong reds, for instance. For good reds (bread, foodstuffs, fashion) find out the light’s R9 value, and make sure it’s over 80. Ninety is best. For good blues (suits, jeans, fish), check the R12. 6. Work your window A great window display will turn passersby into shoppers, so this is no place for caution and restraint. Bright, bold, high contrast lighting can make a hero of the merchandise. Better still, consider dynamic light that introduces movement and variations in light levels and colour. 7. Change your changing rooms The changing room is most important space in fashion as it’s where the buying decision is made. So why are yours lit with £5 downlights that makes people look awful? Instead, mount warm vertical linear lights with good colour rendering on either side of the mirror. 8. Integrate the lighting Research has shown that customers pick up twice as many items from shelving with integrated lighting, than those with none. These days, with LED tape, integrating is a cinch. Do use a good brand though – Osram’s came out best in our recent tests. 9. Read the warranty Manufacturers’ warranties are usually written to protect them just as much as you. Watch especially for restrictions on burning hours buried in the small print –  most retail lighting will comfortably exceed 5,000 hours annually so a warranty with a 4,000-hour restriction is worthless. 10. Get a professional in If the budget permits, hire a professional lighting consultant, even it’s only for a basic lighting strategy. They’re worth the investm...

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