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Company Profile

Company Profile

CITYLUX TECHNOLOGY CORP. LTD. The Unique China LED Lighting Solution Supplier Focusing on Retail and Display Lighting Comparing with the other traditional OEM manufacture, CITYLUX will more focus on the design concepts.We will combine the consumer experience, design intent and our few years professional LED technology, to match the perfect LED lighting solution to our customer. CITYLUX can make your LED design more and more truly and valuable. AS a lighting solution supplier, we supply you one stop package service including Lighting, electric parts , Connecting Cables, Fixing Connectors, Conversion plug, Installation spare parts,PSU (Power supply) kit and so on. We will set up a special team to follow up your orders,can save your time to integrate the product resources and match the best LED solution for you. Rely on our professional knowledge and sensitivity to the LED industry,we can help you to reduce more risk among the whole purchase process. In short,CITYLUX is the best choice for your LED supplier. In the past years,  CITYLUX mainly focus on the retail and display industry , We grow together with your brand or your clients brand, Like LEGO, ADIDAS, HASBRO, LANCOME, BOOTS, SIEMENS etc. They all give us very good reputation comments and keep the cooperation until now. In future , We still focus on the Retail and Display area. We work together using our lighting to make your brands more valuable.

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  • 2022-01-05

    2022 New Year Greeting

    2022 New Year greeting On the occasion of the new year, Citylux wishes everyone a happy new year and all dreams come true! Our elites gathered together, everyone shared their opinions and continued to fight for the same dream. We firmly believe that with the unity of all our employees, our goals will be achieved, and we will continue to grow and develop towards a higher goal.

  • 2022-02-15

    New Product Seminar

    Product seminars in the technical department Today, the technical department confirmed the new series of LED commercial lights, which can be divided into 8 products with different applications.  At present, it has been tested in some chain stores with good results. New products will be available soon, so stay tuned.

  • 2021-08-04

    Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition 2021

    The much-anticipated Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition opened on August 3 at China Import and Export Fair Complex A and B. The exhibition was held under the theme of "The Future is now". Under the background of strict prevention and control of the epidemic nowadays, the exhibition was postponed from June to October, it was particularly difficult to hold successfully. According to statistics, a total of 2,036 exhibitors insisted on participating.

  • 2019-10-30

    CITYLUX successfully held a good show at the 21st Hong Kong International Autumn Lighting Fair

    CITYLUX successfully held a good show at the 21st Hong Kong International Autumn Lighting Fair From October 27 to 30, 2019, the 21st Hong Kong International Autumn Lighting Fair hosted by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council was grandly launched at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. Citylux Technology Corp. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to CITYLUX), as a quality service provider focusing on retail and display lighting solutions, we pay attention to design concepts. We are committed to providing one-stop package services including lighting products, lighting design, installation services and all related accessories to our customers. At this exhibition, we brought new products and innovative ideas to the show again. Product Highlights 1: The shelf lighting strips that foreigners love so much This year, CITYLUX has developed a series of exquisite new ‘button lighting strips’. The design is very delicate and with super good hand feeling. The special design of the back line on strip gives customer a high degree of recognition. The most important thing is the good lighting effect and luminous angles, which are not the same as the conventional public model products. When they are showed at the exhibition, they are loved by foreigners and have scheduled sample orders. Product Highlight 2: More perfect shelf conduction system This product solves the problem of shelf Powering issue in the shelf industry. Now the wiring is no longer complicated and the shelves are clean and nice. Next, CITYLUX will improve the development details of the later stage as soon as possible, and strive to present the most perfect products to the market and solve the pain points in the shelf industry. Product Highlights 3: New retail smart shelf with much attention The new retail smart shelf----digital front store solution. Customers are very interested in this innovation system and several of them said that the system are very suitable for the retail industry and brand promotion. Through the communication with new and old customers, CITYLUX not only gained more innovative ideas, but also strengthened our mission and vision. In the future, we will continue to provide more valuable lighting for the retail chain industry. We are committed to becoming the first choice lighting service company for brand chain customers. Latest exhibition notice Exhibition Name: The 21st China Retail Expo Date: 2019.11.07-2019.11.09 Location: Qingdao World Expo City Booth No.: S4030 Exhibition Name: EuroShop Europe Retail Show Date: 2020.2.16-2.20 Location: Düsseldorf Exhibition Center Booth No.: 10/c13 Welcome new and old friends from the retail industry come and visit us. Hope to see you there!

  • 2019-11-10

    CITYLUX has illuminated the road to commercialized intelligent lighting!

    On November 7-9th, the 21st China Retail Expo was held in Qingdao World Expo City, Shandong Province. The three-day exhibition has now come to a successful conclusion. This exhibition brings together all parties in the retail industry, and it is also an effective window for us to display our image and deliver information. Citylux Technology Corp. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to‘CITYLUX’) will certainly not miss this industry event. We are committed to becoming the industry's leading service provider of intelligence lighting integration.We focus on providing one-stop package services including lighting products, lighting design, installation services and all related accessories to our customers. This time, we come with passion for innovation and development and discuss with partners in the retail industry. We demonstrated the application of the intelligent rail system at the booth clearly and attracted many audience. This system can greatly reduce the cost of opening a store and increase the efficiency by more than 30%. We also show the application of an efficient energy management system, which allows customers to monitor their energy consumption in real time, helping them operate efficiently and save energy. We introduce complete lighting service system to customers, which directly attack the customer's demand points and meet customer's needs, solving the customer's worries. Taking advantage of this opportunity, we also initially proposed the concept of intelligent store operation and maintenance system. Hope that the management of future stores will be more intelligent, systematic and integrated, minimizing the cost of opening customers. The retailer display lighting has changed from generation to generation. From the initial era of basic lighting to the era of intelligent lighting, the era has given more demands on lighting. CITYLUX is advancing with the times. In the fierce market environment of competition, we insist on seeking breakthroughs and eager to innovate. We are actively exploring more possibilities, expecting to make store brands more effective, making services more professional and professional, and making commercial lighting more intelligent. Latest exhibition notice Exhibition Name: EuroShop Europe Retail Show Date: 2020.2.16-2.20 Location: Düsseldorf Exhibition Center Booth No.: 10/c13 Welcome new and old friends from the retail industry come and visit us. Hope to see you there!

  • 2019-08-09

    CITYLUX August Staff Birthday Party - Let Us Bless You!

    On the afternoon of August 8, an employee birthday party was held in the conference training room. Employees from all departments of the company gathered with birthday staff to celebrate their birthday. At 4:30 pm, birthday stars will gather together. Through their happy smile, we really feel the company's human care. First of all, we held a commendation meeting for outstanding employees. First of all, please ask our excellent small partners to go public, thank them for their efforts on the company, and sincerely commend them, and then issue a certificate of honor, of course, there is also a big red envelope! Birthday cakes are essential for birthdays, and birthday stars come together. Everyone sings birthday songs together to celebrate their birthday. Finally, it is the interactive part of the game. In the interactive session, everyone can participate in small games and talent shows to help hold a birthday party. Hahaha! The last few losers must be cleaned up as punishment... Happy birthday to all birthday stars with good wishes! Work together and share happiness in the big family of CITYLUX. May we run like family, run together and grow together!

  • 2022-02-15

    Strategic Cooperation Between CITYLUX And QIANDAMA - Creating A Fresh Light Source Market

    Lighting design: Since its cooperation in 2018, CITYLUX has thoroughly researched the brand's original stores, custom lighting solutions and high-end lighting products, and enhanced the brand image and customer sales of the QIANDAMA store. We will help QIANDAMA jointly open 1,500 stores.

  • 2019-07-31

    CITYLUX Creates High-End Commercial Lighting

    With the popularity of LEDs, the luminous efficiency of the whole lamp has generally reached 100lm/W, the cost performance has gradually increased, and the penetration rate has also accelerated. With the improvement of consumption level, the improvement of light quality has become the biggest topic in the market. Color rendering index, color temperature and luminous efficiency do have a trade-off relationship on LEDs, but in addition to color rendering index and color temperature, color consistency, color stability, color drift, etc. are all very important aspects. And these tend to have no particular relationship with luminous efficiency. European and American markets: The improvement of luminous efficiency can simplify the design of lighting products. However, the improvement of color rendering of products is to make the light color of lighting products closer to sunlight, which has achieved the effect of replacing halogen products. Japanese market: The increase in luminous efficiency can make lighting products more energy efficient, which is very important for Japan's high electricity price environment. At the same time, first-line lighting manufacturers are more optimistic about the light environment and energy-saving effect created by smart lighting combined with human environment. CITYLUX As a Chinese lighting solutions provider, we provide you with one-stop services, including lighting design, lighting installation, lighting products and all related accessories and a complete after-sales service. In addition, we will set up a dedicated team to follow up on your orders, saving you valuable time to integrate product resources and match your best lighting solutions. Based on our expertise and sensitivity to the LED industry and the deep penetration and exploration of the LED industry over the years, we can help you reduce the risks involved in upgrading your lighting solutions. Therefore, we believe that the city light will be the best choice for your LED service provider. Customer first, quality first, this is the values of the city's light. Compared to other traditional LED luminaire manufacturers, CITYLUX pays more attention to the differentiation between each customer. We combine our customers' philosophy, design intent and our years of leading LED technology to provide our customers with the right commercial space lighting solutions, and provide better service to our customers as technology advances and product updates. Establish a standardized process to improve store efficiency and reduce store opening costs. I believe we will be your quality partner!

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