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Spotless Rigid LED Strip CITYLUX

bespoke led product

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Spotless Rigid LED Strip CITYLUX

The rigid LED strip saves energy, saves electricity and has a long life. No light spot illumination inside and outside, custom rigid shelf LED lighting.

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    LED Rigid Strip
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The spotless rigid strip light is the best shelf lighting solution for CITYLUX.

About rigid led strip lights products characteristics,there are many advantages.We can design the color temperature 2700-6500K accordingly,Make the product look spotless and more attractive.The linear rigid strip is also safer because it is a high quality PC tube sealed silicone that is completely insulated. And each profile or accessory is very delicate, because each profile or accessory goes through several production processes, plus manual grinding to ensure that the inside and outside of the product is very beautiful.

Regarding the specifications, this led rigid strip light has a long life, advanced IC technology, LED output current, accuracy of ± 5%, and a service life of up to 50,000 H. In addition, led rigid strip light can be extended by the use of butt joints ( Stitching 5 meters). It is installed in a variety of ways, because it has 180° rotating magnet snaps and snap-on snaps. It is small and exquisite. It has screw holes at both ends. It can be magnetized, 180° rotating, magnetically attracted, ordinary buckle, and inlaid. installation. 

Regarding the application part, this Rigid shelf LED lighting is mainly used for counter lighting display and line modeling, such as bread shelf display, red meat shelf display, cooked shelf display, and vegetable shelf display. Dairy display stand, etc.

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