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bespoke led product

hot bespoke led product

  • 34W LED Track Light Module

    34W LED Track Light ⭐Patented new product⭐⭐⭐

    New product recommendation: CTL-B33XXK-N3 34W track light, uniform lighting, can be vertical or horizontal light; Modular structure, can be spliced and extended;

  • High lumens Retail Magnetic LED Shelf Light For Supermarket Gondola

    Super LUX Magnetic LED Shelf Light High lumen

    High lumen >120lm/w, 150° beam angle Back­side with mag­nets for easy to attach on metal shelf display.

  • Supermarket / Retail Store LED Shelf Light

    Spotless Magnetic LED Shelf Light

    LED Shelf Lighting & Power Track Magnetic Shelf lighting No led dot spot, uniform light, cost -effective. This power track sysdtem is including spotless light bar, power track, power supply and corresponding connect cable.

  • Customized 24V LED Fresh Light Linkable light CITYLUX

    High CRI Customized LED Fresh Light

    Bespoke LED Fresh Light has a voltage of 24V, a color temperature of 2700-6500K、Pink and a CRI90. Mainly used for display shelves, such as merchandise display, supermarket display, merchandise shelves, container areas, etc.

  • Retail Display Shop Fitting Magnetic LED Shelf Light

    High CRI Ra95 Magnetic LED Shelf Light

    Brand Store Lighting Solutions-Classic type Bespoke Magnetic LED Rigid Bar, mainly used in display shelve, such as merchandise display, shoes & cloths brand store display, fresh shelves, supermarket freezer etc.

  • Bespoke LED Illuminated Ticket Strip POS

    POS Display Bespoke LED Illuminated Ticket Strip

    Supermarket Lighting Solutions Bespoke LED Illuminated Ticket Strip CITYLUX. Innovative solutions for unprecedented retail shelf applications

  • Best New Flexible COB LED Strip Ra90 Light Dotless Linear light CITYLUX

    New Flexible COB LED Strip Ra90 Light Dotless Linear light

    Flexible COB Light strip, 180° beam angle, Dotless, linear light performance. No light spot, consistent brightness, flip chip can withstand larger current, stable performance. 3 years warranty.

  • Seamless Stitching and No dark area Neon Flexible Strip CITYLUX

    Flexible Silicone Neon-Like LED Strip

    Subversion Lighting Industry Neon Flexible Strip CITYLUX Seamless Stitching and No dark area Neon Flexible Strip CITYLUX

Retail Display Customized Fabric Lightbox

The Retail Display Custom Fabric Lightbox is with slimline frame profile and frameless graphic up to 6m height.  It is perfect lighting solution for Retail Shop Display.
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Bespoke Fabric Lighting Box

With the further promotion of the light box and the increasing competition of the market, the process of forming the light box has been continuously improved with the new materials, the performance of lighting box become more and more abundant. Compare with the traditional light box, CITYLUX use the best light source, energy savings of up to 80% or more. We used environmental protection material to comply with  the government called for the materials . It is only a quarter of the thickness of the traditional light box, not only economic but also convenient installation. Design and use the advance light source to make sure the light box’s luminance uniformity and no dark area. Therefore, the Bespoke Fabric Lighting Box is CITYLUX's best Electronic Consumer Shop Lighting Solutions.

About this products characteristics, there are many advantages.Such as it is slimline frame profile with frameless graphic for maximum impact, and seamless graphics up to 6m heighyt but no limitation for length. Anyway, This is a best choose for Electronic Consumer Shop Lighting Solutions.

Furthermore, it has high quality LED efficient with low carbon, and even light distribution with shadow or hotspots, Furthermore it is quick and easily changeable graphic and low cost logistics for replacement graphics. Therefore, Its these characteristics are also deeply loved by customers.

Bespoke LED Lighting BoxLED Lighting BoxHigh quality LED efficientHigh CRI LED Lighting BoxSeamless graphics LED Lighting Box
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