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The 10 major trends in LED lighting technology, in addition to the Internet of Things and these

The 10 major trends in LED lighting technology, in addition to the Internet of Things and these

The 10 major trends in LED lighting technology, in addition to the Internet of Things and these ..

Today, the lighting industry is rapidly developing, constantly innovation, who can grasp the development trend, who can grasp the initiative position.

Next, let's look at the 10 trends in lighting technology.

1 Connectivity

As LEDs become mainstream, the next frontier of lighting is control.

You can call it intelligent or networked, but no matter how you call it, the core is the light that you can control.

As we konw, dimmers and sensors have been around for years, but the challenge now is to make them more advanced, to communicate with other devices, and to make sure they are usable. Energy saving is just the beginning, networking lighting is also expected to make us more safer ...

2 Internet of things

The term "internet of things" is no longer used to describe computers and smartphones connected to the Internet, but also includes refrigerators, coffee cups, heart monitors and LED lights.

Lighting is an ideal network to create IoT services because it already exists on the ceiling of each building, looking down at us, just adding some sensors or cameras and some kind of data connection.

3 New power technology

So far, LED lamps usually come with a "driver" that converts the power into a form that can be used by the light source. But now new power technologies are emerging that bring a host of benefits. Drives are often the first component of a lighting system to fail, so some companies have started innovating on the drives.

4 Modified lighting

According to "Time Magazine" reported that 2013 is the LED lamp year. This seems like a long time ago. At that time, manufacturers began to wonder what would happen once the market for these fixtures was saturated. Then there are two ways: up or down. Either drive the high-end market by increasing the value of the product (internet connection, color change, etc.) or leave the market altogether.

Osram, Philips and Samsung both tried the first option and then chose the second option: Osram is selling its general lighting business, Philips is selling its own big stake, and Samsung is completely pulling out the luminaire.

5 Wireless control

Now that everything is wireless, lighting control is no exception. This is particularly attractive for retrofit projects. In addition to the RF system, there is technology such as Powerline Communications, which uses power cords to transfer data to your accessories. Even for a traditional wired control system, the user's control device will become more and more wired like a tablet or cell phone.

7 Healthier lighting

Light will affect the efficiency of our work, life and so on. The rise of LEDs means that lighting manufacturers are turning this knowledge into practice, getting simpler and cheaper, and producing health-promoting products that mimic natural light, usually by adjusting brightness and color.

8 Brave to change

"LED is not suitable for every application ... ...", this argument we hear less and less. Some areas are slower to adopt, such as T5 fluorescent lamps are common in the office, until recently LED reached the floodlight production. Another example, this year's Super Bowl is carried out under the LED lights. In the past 12 months, those who adhere to old technologies such as metal halide and cold cathode have had to adopt LED.

9 Focus on quality

We've all seen examples of poor quality LEDs that make shops, cafes or offices look scary. However, this situation is being reversed. After many people suffer losses, they will also be more sensible and refocus their attention on quality.

10 Is not just light

Lighting is not just light, but also data. Technologies such as Li-Fi (like Wi-Fi) and indoor positioning (tracking people's places by using LED fixtures and smartphones) are based on visible light communication. As lighting products are used for a whole new purpose, it will transform our stores, museums and interior spaces and revolutionize the industry.
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