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Gas stations are accelerating the use of LED lights in response to global energy conservation and environmental initiatives

Gas stations are accelerating the use of LED lights in response to global energy conservation and environmental initiatives


  Gas stations are an important part of urban public services. They are a 24-hour business location that requires more efficient energy-efficient lighting. This not only saves operating costs, but also meets global energy and environmental indicators.


  Conventional gas station lights typically use a 250W, 400W metal halide or induction lamp (LVD). Metal halide lamps can emit 360 degrees, and the shortcomings of light loss result in a huge waste of energy. Therefore, in the current environmental changes, the lighting design of the gas station must be required to meet the development needs, and to develop new high-efficiency, energy-saving, long-life, high color rendering index, environmentally friendly LED gas station lights, will have a very good energy saving for urban lighting Significance


  As a new type of illumination source with wide application, LED light source has the advantages of energy saving, high efficiency, small size, long life, fast response, low driving voltage and strong shock resistance compared with traditional light sources. With the rapid development of the global economy, people's awareness of environmental protection has increased rapidly, and the safety and environmental protection requirements for gas station lighting have also increased rapidly. In the process of building social construction, the government has also raised environmental issues to a relatively high level, such as optimizing the lighting design of gas stations, increasing the application of explosion-proof systems, and comprehensively improving lighting construction standards for gas stations. Therefore, the lighting of gas stations should be actively developed in a direction of healthier, safer, more environmentally friendly and more energy efficient.


  Gas station lighting is closely related to people's lives. LED gas station lights have entered the field of view, LEDs have directional lighting, low power consumption, good drive characteristics, fast response, high shock resistance, long life and environmental protection. It has become the world's new generation of energy-saving light source. Therefore, the gas station adopts the concept of energy saving, emission reduction and green environmental protection, and replaces the traditional gas station lights with energy-saving and environmentally-friendly LED lights, becoming the best energy-saving transformation of gas stations. Choice is also the trend of the times.



Source: CTIMES

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